Tirana Social Center for Disabled People (TSCDP)


Financed fund: 41.617.500 ALL (or 337.667 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Contribute socially and economically to the full rehabilitation of an increasing number of people with disabilities, providing them with adequate assistance and the possibility of being in a friendly and safe environment, living their full potential.

Specific objectives:

- Build a community-based rehabilitation Centre for people with disabilities so that they can overcome difficulties and lead a healthy and productive life;

- Provide a fully equipped safe environment for people with disabilities in which their daily medical and non-medical needs can be met;

- Organize internal activities that facilitate the physical and mental healing of disabled people or enhance their abilities for a smooth transition to the labour market; Raise awareness and promotional activities in relation to the needs and care that communities should provide for people with disabilities.

Main activities:

- Provide the necessary environment - Reconstruction of the premises of the Centre;

- Equip the Centre;

- Activities for disabilities;

- Communication and dissemination of activities.