Berat Multifunctional Centre (BMC)-a sustainable youth space

Financed fund: 35.371.624 ALL (or 286.990 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Establish a sustainable multifunctional Center as a model for developing and empowering children and young people in the local area to become active citizens with a multifaceted skill set and to determine their life strategies and achieve success.

Specific objectives:

- Renew and modernize a creative space for artistic, sporting, professional, innovation, business incubator, research and tourism skills for the youth community that allows to provide standard services to visitors;

- Develop alternatives and opportunities for community empowerment and involvement in daily life and public activities;

- Create job opportunities for the population of the city and contribute to its beautification through the construction of modern infrastructure and building structures.

Main activities:

- Reconstruction and renovation of the building;

- Completion of the interior of the building with all the necessary materials;

- Capacity building and training of administrative and support staff;

- Opening ceremony and promotional campaign on social media;

- Strengthening the skills of young people;

- Psychological counselling service.