Walls that Unite: Youth Hub and Social Center in Konispol


Financed fund: 40.173.900 ALL (or 325.954 Euro)

Specific objectives:

- Support Konispol's youth potential by providing opportunities for growth and other vulnerable groups in need through better social and community services;

- Improve the opportunities for local young people to grow personally and professionally by providing a Hub that promotes educational, social and cultural activities based on the potential of the Centre;

- Support other vulnerable groups such as the elderly to benefit from social and community services by improving their living conditions and mitigating social isolation;

- Provide a safe and adequate youth Centre and social Centre to strengthen social cohesion and community participation, paying particular attention to participation in gender equality;

- Ensure the creation of a comfortable meeting point where the local community can have easy access and participate in educational, social, cultural activities sensitive to gender issues.

Main activities:

- Build a communication and consultation platform between the Municipality, young people, the elderly, local NGOs and associations to discuss and engage with the main local social, economic and cultural needs and potentials that must be addressed by all actors, with a view to rebuilding the youth Centre and social Centre in Konispol;

- Renovation and adaptation of the building with furniture and equipment according to the needs of the target groups, guaranteeing a fully operational and safe structure, accessible to all;

- Organization of an awareness campaign on the importance of involving young people, the elderly and communities and direct engagement in social, economic and other development activities using the youth Centre and the Social Centre.