Environmental Approach for a new Education facility

Financed fund: 39.915.868 ALL (or 323.861 Euro )

Overall objective:

- Improving teaching standards and promoting social inclusion, through the reconstruction of the “Filo Ramadani” school.

Specific objectives:

- Increase student engagement with technology by creating a technology classroom for students within schools, where they will be given the opportunity to access the Internet, use computers for learning purposes;

- Increase the knowledge, awareness and awareness of the Selenic community, especially children and young people, for the protection of the environment and act through participation in environmental school workshops, cleaning public spaces, planting trees.

Main activities:

- Improvement of the reconstruction of the didactic structures of the school;

- Free internet access in the school by setting up the technological classroom;

- Organization of training courses on the importance of environmental protection;

- Organization of the “inaugural day” and “environmental day” activities.