TASTES OF KORÇA - Sales network for local farmers and promotion of local products as key elements for rural development


Financed fund: 41.367.588 ALL (or 335.639 Euro )

Overall objective:

- Contribute to the sustainable local development of the Korca region through the creation of the livestock market to strengthen the sales network of local farmers and promote local products as key elements of rural development in order to increase the employment opportunities of local farmers and preserve and promote the genuine products of regional agriculture;

Specific objectives:

- Strengthening of the regional agri-food chain through the establishment of a network of markets for local products closely linked to the “Brand of Taste” and the promotion of culinary products and local cultural traditions as an added value for tourism;

- Increase self-employment opportunities for farmers in rural areas through a livestock market and increase employment and social cohesion by favouring women, minorities and young people as farmers and traders or agro-processors;

- Develop agriculture and livestock through the support of agri-food, farmers and small local producers.

Main activities:

- Project management and implementation, reconstruction;

- Tastes of Korca activities / Food Network Platform "Tastes of Korca" and mapping of actors and product integration;

- Branding of local products;

- Food Value Chain as an added element in the tourist offer;

- Identification / writing and application to other related projects / visibility action.