Treg ART: Rural development a chance for developing a sustainable way of doing business for women, the younger generation and farmers

Financed fund: 35.002.480 ALL (or 283.995 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Promote the economic emancipation and integration into social life of women and young people who possess craft skills in order to keep alive and further develop the tradition of craftsmanship and the identity of agricultural products.

Specific objectives:

- Revitalize the unused and depreciated assets owned by the Municipality of Patos, creating a shared and safe working environment with better conditions in which farmers can sell their products in a safe environment;

- Enable women to develop new products, including products for the tourism sector;

- Enable farmers to improve their branding knowledge and provide new tools for marketing their agricultural products.

Main activities:

- Start-up and reconstruction phase of the “Gani Banaj” warehouse in the municipality of Patos to transform it into an artisan and agricultural service facility;

- Launch and management of the activities of the Centre;

- Capacity building of women, girls and farmers to improve their skills and knowledge in creating new products, brands and marketing; 

- Draw up a business plan in order to make this Centre self-sustainable.