Improvement of education infrastructure for kinder garden “Sami Frasheri

Financed fund: 37.697.000ALL (or 305.858 Euro)

Overall objective: 

- Contribute to the development of quality, innovative and inclusive education to ensure that no children are left behind and reduce the gender gap through the refurbishment and equipment of existing public buildings and / or specialized infrastructure .

Main activities:

- Restructuring and reconstruction of the "Sami Frasheri" kindergarten to improve the internal and external environment and to allow access for children and people with disabilities;

- Training of educators on early education and inclusive education;

- Raising awareness of communities on children's rights, the rights of persons with disabilities and inclusive education;

- Joint meeting of educators and parents for the inclusion of children with disabilities and ethnic minorities in kindergartens and crèches;

- Design and development of 5,000 information brochures on children's rights, people with disabilities and inclusive education for all.