Inducing local economic development in underserved areas through the establishment of a Livestock Market and Educational Laboratory for Sustainable Livestock Farming in the Municipality of Lushnje

Financed fund: 36.851.752 ALL (or 299.000 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Increase sustainable local development and promote the circular economy based on livestock farming and commercial activity in the municipality of Lushnje.

Main activities:

- Elaboration of an integrated action plan and capacity building for sustainable management of livestock and livestock market in Lushnje;

- Organization of workshops with local stakeholders for the purpose of managing the livestock market and the Educational Laboratory / Organization of training courses with veterinarians and other interested parties for the sustainable management of the livestock breeding cycle, food safety, circular economy, etc.;

- Design and implement physical interventions on the livestock market and on the educational laboratory for sustainable breeding;

- Adaptation of a green design project for intervention in the existing area of ​​the livestock market, including market facilities, an emergency slaughterhouse, veterinary facilities and laboratory premises. Organization of public hearings to consult stakeholder groups;

- Preparation and management of the procurement process;

- Promotional and educational activities for a greater use of the market.