Reconstruction of Kindergarten “Fiqiri Kurti” in Kavaja City


Financed fund: 40.720.000 ALL  (or 330.385 Euro)

Overall objective:

- To improve the educational infrastructure of children in the city of Kavaja.

Specific objectives:

- To build a new kindergarten in the city of Kavaja;

- Assorting the logistic structures of the new kindergarten in an appropriate way;

- To meet the needs of parents related to the needs and growing demand for registration of children;

- Increase the number of pupils enrolled in kindergarten;

- Create a safe and hygienic educational environment for children in the new kindergarten location;

- Increase the efficiency of the activities carried out in the new nursery school;

- Improve the learning conditions for children.

Main activities:

- Meeting with the target groups and the community of the city of Kavaja;

- Implementation of the project - Construction of the new building;

- Supply of the building.