The Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of the Palace of Culture in Librazhd

Financed fund: 40.300.000 ALL (or 326.977 Euro) 

Specific objectives:

- Contribute to the development of innovative and inclusive quality education, to ensure that no children are left behind and to reduce the gender gap specifically through the refurbishment and equipment of existing public buildings and / or specialized infrastructure;

- Promote the social inclusion of those at risk of poverty and exclusion (people with disabilities, minorities, children in need, young and long-term unemployed, disadvantaged women, returning migrants) by improving their access to formal and non-formal education. formal and informal learning, program for employment, culture and ICT.

Main activities:

- The reconstruction of the building and the promotion of the project;

- Rehabilitation of the building, adapting its functional and material side to have a favorable educational, artistic and cultural environment;

- Building equipment;

- Organize a series of training courses on management and on modern methods of programming, communication and promotion of cultural and artistic activities;

- Organization of the final event of the project and publicizing the results achieved.