Optimizing urban infrastructure in a long-term Sustainable solution to increase urban Social Interactions – (OSSI)

Financed fund: 33.881.180 ALL (or 274.898 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Optimize the urban infrastructure in the “5 Shtatori” district in Corovoda, in order to get closer to urban sustainability as a link between city dwellers and infrastructural services.

Specific objectives:

- Urban infrastructural requalification of the “5 Shtatori” district in Corovoda;

- Support sustainable local development in order to promote the safeguarding of natural and cultural heritage and environmental sustainability ;

- Improve community involvement in implementing public investments that have a direct impact on their daily life.

Main activities:

- Improvement of the public space (“5 Shtatori” district) to increase social inclusion;

- Improvement of social activities in Corovoda;

- Articulate the socio-economic action plan;

- Visibility actions.