VLORE GREEN – A municipality-owned company model for environmental services and the rehabilitation and conservation of natural areas of the Municipality of Vlore


Financed fund: 38.771.984 ALL (or 314.579 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Support the sustainable development of the Municipality of Vlore by structuring a solid urban waste management system, based on social and environmental responsibility.

Main activities:

- Establishment of a Temporary Association for the collection of waste in nature areas, based on the circular economy and social inclusion;

- Establishment of a municipal waste management company for the Municipality of Vlore;

- Identification and implementation of measures for the recovery of polluted sites in the Soda Forest and the Narta Lagoon;

- Drafting and implementation of guidelines;

- Elaboration of procedures for waste collection in target natural areas and coast according to a circular economy model;

- Supply of vehicles and tools for the waste collection system in the Soda Forest and the Narta Lagoon and along the coast;

- Conversion of 6 polluted sites into environmental conservation hubs;

- Awareness campaign aimed at schools and in particular at tourism schools;

- Awareness campaign for citizens and tourists.