A Multi-Purpose Center for better social and health conditions for the elderly women and men in Saranda

Financed fund:37.240.100 ALL (or 302.150 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Improve and extend social assistance services for the elderly in need by rebuilding and expanding an existing Centre for the elderly in Saranda.

Specific objectives:

- To improve social services for elderly women and men living in Saranda, providing an appropriate space for social cohesion and aggregation that reduces the phenomenon of social exclusion;

- Carry out the reconstruction, expansion and equipment of an existing Multifunctional Centre for the elderly;

- Enhance the services and activities offered by the Centre, and make the interior spaces more pleasant, with the aim of reducing the psychological deterioration and social exclusion of elderly guests.

Main activities:

- Exchange workshops with neighbouring municipalities (Valona, Gjirokaster) to gain experience on how to manage and offer social and health services to the elderly;

- Once the reconstruction of the Centre is completed, an inauguration event will be held with local and regional authorities.