Shkodra Multi-functional Services: Model of Social Inclusion and Development of the Community

Financed fund: 43.258.040 ALL (or 350.978 Euro)

Overall objective:

Contribute to the social inclusion of people in need in Shkodra.

Main activities:  

- Restructuring the municipal premises of the Centre, kindergarten, kindergarten and primary health care Centre;

- Actively involve the local community in the development of the Centre;

- Develop the management structure and programmatic concept;

 - Develop a five-year action plan for the Centre's social activities;

- Prepare the framework for capacity building and action plan;

- Design and deliver a capacity building program;

- Provide technical assistance and coaching;

- Develop and support the Centre's core social services; 

- Develop and support community-based social services;

- Support community empowerment and volunteering;

- Support the Early Childhood Development Program.