Finiq Municipality closer to vulnerable groups in need for social and health public services

Financed fund: 36.693.500 ALL (297.716 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Ensure better living conditions for the inhabitants of Finiq Municipality by providing a safe and healthier community environment

Specific objectives:

- Improve social and health public services for vulnerable groups in Finiq Municipality by providing a warm and safe social and community space;

- Ensure the reconstruction of a social multi-function Centre for vulnerable groups, specifically for the elderly, violated women and people with disabilities by offering daily or 24 hours care and shelter;

- Improve psychological, health and social conditions of participants, positively impacting the local community cohesion.

Main activities:

- The reconstruction and refurbishment of the Centre to ensure its sustainability and full accessibility;

- Exchange workshops with neighbouring Municipalities (Vlora, Gjirokastra, Saranda) to gain experiences on how to manage and properly offer social and health services to target groups, within a social Multi-function Centre.