Malësi e Madhe

Reconstruction of school “Kole Martini”, Dedaj Malësi e Madhe


Financed fund: 42.216.000 ALL (or 342.523 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Reduction of the numbers of children having not access in the education system with appropriate conditions for process of learning and teaching in compulsory education in remote areas of Albania.

Specific objectives:

- To improve the physical conditions of school based on standards for pre-university objects through;

- To improve the learning and teaching process through improvement of class furniture, laboratories and gym;

- Creating the opportunities for development of sports and cultural activities for pupils of elementary (middle) schools and the nearby community. 

Main activities:

- School rehabilitation water supply and sanitation networks;

- Installation of the new electrical system and heating system;

- Installation of the new sanitary facilities and fire protection system;

- School furniture.