Revitalization of the Multifunctional Cinema in Përmet Municipality: a WAY to promote social inclusion, C-WAY


Financed fund: 41.704.720 ALL (or 338.375 Euro)

Overall objective:

- Improve social inclusion in Pёrmet Municipality through the revitalization of the Multifunctional Cinema;

- Create new and improve existing social-cultural services in Pёrmet Municipality.

Specific objectives:

- To foster social inclusion of those at risk of poverty and exclusion (persons with disabilities, minorities, children in need, youth and long-term unemployed, disadvantaged women, return migrants) by enhancing their access to formal education and non-formal and informal learning, employment programmes, culture and ICT;

- To support sustainable local development in order to overcome lack of employment opportunities, safeguard of natural and cultural heritage, promoting circular economy, social enterprises, social impact investment with particular attention of underserved rural territories.

Main activities:

- Rehabilitation of the Multifunctional Cinema, equipment (IT, furniture and materials);

- Inauguration of the Multifunctional Cinema;

- Realization of Old Cinema Museum;

- Summer Day in Përmet/European Week Documentaries with high schools competition /Naim Frashëri Day / Monthly Youth activities with schools Theatre Season/Environmental Film Festival/Annual Film Festival.