Theatre for Social Inclusion and Competency Development in Gjirokaster


Financed fund: 43.556.552 ALL (or 353.400 Euro)

Overall objective:

- To contribute to the socio-cultural-economic development of Gjirokaster, enabling social and cultural inclusion of children by promoting the revitalization and cultural updated activity of the City Theatre “Zihni Sako” which will improve due to the reconstruction required for this purpose.

Specific objective:

- Reconstruction of the city theatre “Zihni Sako” of Gjirokaster and creating optimal conditions for its functionality and sustainability of actions through workshops of capacity building, in order to contribute to the development of quality, innovative and inclusive cultural and educational opportunities to ensure that no child is left behind and reduce gender gaps specifically trough renovation & equipment of existing public buildings and/or specialized infrastructure, and to support sustainable local development in order to safeguard natural and cultural heritage and promoting social impact investment.

Main activities:

- Improving the infrastructure, reconstruction of the building of the city theatre “Zihni Sako” in Gjirokaster Municipality;

- Rehabilitate the building, adapting its functional and material side to an artistic cultural and educational environment: Electrical devices, Capital goods and amenities (electrical devices, furniture);

- Promoting project – through a foreseen a Public Convention, workshops for implementing cultural operators competences, implementing skills of teachers and theatre operators, publication, local and national media and publicity, etc.