School Mobilisation for “ECO-Innovation” in the Municipality of Klos


Financed fund: 43.260.752 ALL (or 351.000 Euro)

Overall objective: 

- To contribute to enhancing the educational services in the Municipality of Klos, introducing new qualitative, innovative and inclusive learning practices to the main elementary and middle school of the area. 

Specific objective:

- To ensure an enriched and innovative scholastic offer that promotes a healthier, safer and more environment-friendly lifestyle for the students of the 'Tahir Hoxha” school;

- To support the students of the “Tahir Hoxha” school to emerge as agents of change within their community, with an increased awareness on health issues, local biodiversity, environmental conservation and promotion.

Main activities:

- Renovation of the school infrastructures;

- Improvement of school services and didactic standards;

- Raising students’ and teachers’ awareness;

- Organizing sensitization activities for the whole community.