Educate in Healthy, Safety and Security Environment


Financed fund: 41.732.104 ALL (or 337.912 Euro)

Overall objective:

To create better environment for a better education for pupils of school “Migjeni”, to raise awareness for problems such as: prohibited child labor, bullying and to create new bridge of communication throw: pupils, parents and teachers.

Specific objectives:

- to create a better physical environment for learning, a safe and friendly place for students, teachers, parents and friendly ecologic environment through renovation of old school « Migjeni » in Mamurras that will create opportunities for increasing quality education and will serve as a community center for other communities;

- to develop various activities for young pupils, competitions, cultural activity, sports and innovative, which will contribute in identification of talents, but as well, in forcing collaboration tolerance and social inclusion between youngsters;

- to raise awareness of teachers and parents about the importance of communication and collaboration with youngsters and to create new bridges of communication as a better way to direct them through positive self-developments.

Main activities:

- reconstruction of the 9–year School “Migjeni";

- social and cultural activities for children;

- creating the Maker Space; 

- public awareness for parents;

- teacher's trainings.