Detailed study for Reconstruction and Restoration Project of existing architectural buildings, creating a unique ensemble based in the tradition of local architecture


Financed fund - 40.055.340 ALL (or 285.518,14 Euro)

Overall objective: 

To contribute in the development of the restoration project for preserving cultural heritage in the rural villages of Himara

Main activities of the project:

- Assessment of the current situation of each of the buildings in the project area regarding the current and future urban plans, the positioning of each building in accordance with the tourism infrastructure and the development of the existing projects, developed by the competent local and central authorities

- Detailed analysis of the architectonic and construction plans of the existing objects  and the new objects regarding the urban studies and the urban infrastructure;

- Identification of the buildings that can be reconstructed or restaurated to preserve traditional culture;

- Development of reconstruction or full modification plans for every building and structure identified in the area, with the purpose of creating a unique and harmonised architectural vision.