“JO KANCER – Campaign for the prevention of cancer in women and the improvement of diagnosis and therapeutic performance of the oncology center of Mother Teresa Hospital”


Financed fund - 47.598.012 ALL (or 339.283,00 Euro)

Overall objective: 

To contribute in the increase of the number of women that undergo periodic checks aiming at the prevention of breast and uterus cancer and at the same time the improvement of the provision of the health services to women that must undergo cancer treatment

Main activities of the project:

- Reconstruction of the ambulatory oncology department (day hospital) in “Mother Teresa” Hospital in Tirana and supply with new equipment;

- Training of the head staff, specialists and health personnel that work in the same warden with the aim of improving diagnostics, services and therapeutic administration according to the highest European standards;

 - The campaign for raising the awareness for cancer prevention in women, in particular for the breast and uterus cancer, through university conferences, multimedia educational programs, internet and social networks, with the purpose of providing as much information as possible.