“Introducing Health Information System (IHIS): a modern approach to transparency and accountability in the Albanian Public Health”


Financed fund - 61.627.926 ALL (or 439.289,51 Euro)

Overall Objective:

Support to maximise the productivity of the health services and to rationalise health expenses through the introduction and the testing of a Health Information System

Main activities of the Project:

- Analysis of the methods for the detection and control methods that are subject to the planning, monitoring and verification of the health expenses in the three pilot public health structures;

- Formulation of the guidelines and definitions of the procedures for the verification and the control of the expenses for different pathological (Diagnostic Related Group, DRG);

- Development, preparation and the purchase of a software for the development of the Health Information System (HIS);

- Preparation and implementation of 2 training models to develop the leadership skills of HIS:

- Making the software operational and experimenting the software in three pilot public hospital structures;

- Migration of the historical data from the hospital expenses system managed by "Obligatory Fund on Health Insurance " into the new one.