“Innovation HUB”

* The Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration was restructured in 2017.

Financed fund - 65.859.000 ALL (or 471.296,69 Euro)

Overall objective: 

Promoting social inclusion and promoting employment for the youth, with the purpose of developing their entrepreneurship skills in the Information and Communication Technology, supporting creative, innovative and competitive actions for building capacities, partnerships and the initiation of new entrepreneurship

Main activities of the project:

- Restructuring the spaces for creating the adequate space (a business incubator) for new businesses, as well as for promoting  the actions and activities intertwined with the innovative entrepreneurship (ICT).

 - Establishing an incubator to offer access to the spaces equipped for young people who wish to become entrepreneurs and to offer free training/informing activities through: a Tech-Shop to offer training on security and the basic use of all the tools and equipment; one ​​Hacker-Space; one Fabrication Lab that is a small-scale lab; - one Open Design City and one Hardware Lab.

- The incubator shall organise periodic activities like: "Start-up Grind Tirana" and "Start-Up Weekend Tirana" (enabled by Google) in order to establish a network of passionate managers and entrepreneurs; one "Business Plan Competition", projected to provide young entrepreneurs with a real experience in developing their business plans; 

- Organisation of 4 "ICT Youth Camp" where the young participants shall be involved in the drafting and development of a ICT product or service. The invitation to take part in “ICT Youth Camp” shall be open to all the young people interested in participating, in particular to the university students and the students of the vocational schools that have ICT as part of their curricula;

-The establishment of "ICT Academy" as an education center offering ICT services and business training;

 - The promotion of a regional Cluster that shall unite the more skilled organisations and individuals in the region (Italy, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo) with the purpose of assisting entrepreneurs, professionals and the small and medium enterprises to face the challenges and the opportunities for improvement and to facilitate access to information, technology.