“I4TOUR–Territorial Development for sustainable Tourism, creative enterprises, rural development and Young employment”

* The Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship was restructured in 2017.


Financed fund - 52.810.261,32 ALL  (or 377.918 Euro)

Overall objective:

Supporting sustainable and balanced territorial development and improving social cohesion in Albania through the development of a pilot project in the area (Vlora - Llogara and Dhermi) suitable for the development of the coastal tourism serving as a guide for other areas in a later stage with the perspective of preparing the national masterplan on tourism.

Main activities of the project:

- Preparation of a programming method appropriate for the cohesive and sustainable development of the territory, focusing on: environment, landscape, preserving cultural and architectonic heritage; sustainable development of tourism infrastructure;

- Developing a model for the establishment of a public-private strategic partnership in the principal tourism sectors;

- Preparation of a marketing program for promoting sustainable and accountable/responsible tourism;

- Developing a strategic infrastructure for tourism promotion (building 3 tourism information centres in Vlore, Llogara, Dhermi);

- Stimulating and promoting creative entrepreneurship in the sector of tourism with the aim of improving service quality and availability of cultural activities for the tourists, as well as to promote new job opportunities (35 grants for the young people are foreseen);

- Information campaigns and production of materials for the promotion of tourism and the creation of a territorial brand.