“New House–New Life: Rehabilitation of Roma Community Settlement”


Financed fund - 69,169,500 ALL 494.209,06 Euro)

Overall objective:

To contribute in the improvement of living conditions and the social inclusion of Roma community in Shkozë through the realisation of new residential units and adequate social facilities

Main activities of the project:

-Installation of 60 new residential structures in the area called "Ish-Kombinati i Autotraktoreve" for the Roma community families in Shkozë with an area of about 35 m2 each;

-Organisation of courses and activities for the development of the skills and the integration of the Roma community in Shkozë by paying special attention to the health care, education, professional development and employment;

-Organisation of activities for the improvement of the skills of the Municipality staff in the area of administration, management and social inclusion of the minorities.