“Improvement of education infrastructure and inclusive education for every child in Bilisht city”

Financed fund - 43.208.550 ALL (or 315.000,00 Euro)

Overall objective:

To contribute in the development of qualitative education services to guarantee access to the pre-school education (“early childhood education”) for all children and girls in Bilisht, especially those part of minority groups and/or the disabled people group

Main activities of the project:

-Total renovation of the two-floor kindergarten building and "Trendafilat e Bardhe" nursery in Bilisht;

-Realisation of the specific intervention to facilitate access of the disabled people and to guarantee security (fire alarm system);

-Installation  of the heating system;

-Restructuring of the drainage system;

-Systematising the kindergarten surrounding area and the construction of the playground square;

-Equipping with furniture and school facilities;

-Training of the teachers and the organisation of a campaign for increasing self-awareness for the rights of children, the rights of the disabled and the right for a qualitative and inclusive education.

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