“The future of our community starts from education and environment”


Financed fund - 45.793.611 ALL (or 327.190,70 Euro)

Overall objective:

To contribute in strengthening of the public school as an open community center ("school as community centre") to provide inclusive and qualitative education and to promote sustainable territory development and social cohesion in Fushë-Arrëz

Main activities of the project:

- Restructuring of the elementary school and "Pjetër Arbnori" 9-elementary school in Fushë-Arrez pursuant to the adequate standards related to energy efficiency, security and access to the children with disabilities;

-Installation of the heating system inside the two "Pjetër Arbnori" school buildings and equipping them with a boiler;

-Supply with new furniture for the school library and lab equipment and computer facilities;

-Reconstruction of the sport facility;

-Organisation of an awareness campaign for the students, teachers and parents in every school of the Municipality for the following topics: energy efficiency, renovated energy and climate changes, waste administration, environment protection.

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Regional Directorate of Education of Puke