Improvement of education infrastructure - a necessary tool to increase educational and communicational quality among actors

*With the territorial Reform the former Commune of Melan is today part of the Municipality of Diber (L. 115/2014)


Financed fund - 50.195.296 ALL (or 359.256,34 Euro)

Overall objective: 

To contribute in the provision of a qualitative education and accessible to all through an adequate school structure to welcome all the pupils, also the disabled pupils in the primary school of Melan Commune.

Main activities of the project:

Reconstruction of the school with appropriate standards regarding the security aspect and the accessibility  for the students with disabilities;

- Construction of the boiler room and installing the heating system in the school;

Demolition of the old school building and arrangement of the premises sorrounding the new school;

Supplying the school with new school furniture;

Raising the awareness of the parents and teachers for the school integration of the students with disabilities;

 - Monitoring the phenomenon of school dropout in cooperation with the Regional Education Office.

Gruaja-Nene dhe Edukatore (Albanian NGO)