Toward Rural development and enhance access to health service through improving basic infrastructure in Moglice Commune in Korca Region

*With the territorial Reform the former Commune of Moglice is today part of the Municipality of Maliq (L. 115/2014)

Financed fund - 45.610.500 ALL (or 498.680,00 Euro)

Overall objective:

To support rural development in the villages of Moglice, Gobesh, Doberçan, Dushar and Osojë and to improve access to the essential public services provided for 966 inhabitants and 5 villages that represent 50% of the inhabitants in Moglicë Commune.

Main activities of the project

- Construction of three rural bridges to ensure access in the villages of Dushar, Osojë and Zerec and in particular the crossing of autoambulances and the pupils of the primary school in Moglica who live in these villages;

- Construction of the 4 km road to connect Moglica Commune with the villages of Gopesh and Dobërçan and to ensure the crossing of autoambulances and to favour the trade of local products in this area.