December 10 2012

The 1st Call for Proposals: the financed projects

In response to the first Call for Proposals launched on December 10, 2012 and the terms of which were closed on February 28, there were submitted 92 project proposals from all over Albania for a total requested funding of almost 18 million Euro, mainly for projects aiming at strengthening vocational training and primary education in underserved areas, as well as for improving basic health services and preventive medicine, initiatives to support the social and economic inclusion of vulnerable groups, integrated rural development in deprived and marginalized areas. On April 24 2013, the IADSA Management Committee has announced in public the financing of the 13 projects that have received the highest scores at the end of the process of joint evaluation of the 92 submitted proposals , for a total of about 4.5 million. The level of participation, the interest shown by the Albanian public institutions, the quality of the projects and the evaluation exercise jointly carried out by the Italian and Albanian parties have demonstrated the full effectiveness of this instrument of development aid. Of these 13 projects financed by IADSA, 2 are of national relevance, 1 regional and 10 local. Among the latter, 5 are intended to finance the reconstruction of 4 primary schools-kindergartens and 1 secondary school that had strong deficiencies from the infrastructural point of view with evident risks for students and teachers; 3 projects are aimed at improving the skills and competences and locally make available additional resources for technological innovation, diversification of agricultural production and improving of its marketing; 2 projects are aimed at supporting the territorial development, respectively in a disadvantaged rural area and one suburban neighborhood with a strong occurrence of minorities and vulnerable groups. 2 other projects are aimed at supporting the process of de-institutionalization of services for disabled and elderly, already provided for by law, favoring the decentralization of social services aimed at helping those families with disabled people and the elderly in critical conditions managed on Regional scale with the active partnership of Municipalities and Communes. One of these two programmes sees the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth as the lead institution, for the other the Applicant is the Region of Vlora in partnership with 5 different local entities and 19 villages within its territory and with the Regional Department of Social Services. Finally, the thirteenth approved project is designed to support blood donation and collection services and blood control associated with it. Of these 13 projects financed by IADSA, as already mentioned, 2 are nation-wide in their scope, while 2 are located in the North of Albania, 1 in the Center, 4 in the South-East and 4 in the South-West.

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