January 22 2013

Conferences in Skodra and Korce to present the first Call for Proposals

On January 18 and January 22 in Skodra and in Korca, respectively, two conferences were held by the TSU to present in detail  the first Call for Proposals. The first Conference was organized by the Italian Consulate in Skodra and was attended by representatives of the Prefectures, Qark, Municipalities and Communes of Northern Albania. Several representatives of NGOs, both Albanian and Italian, also attended as they are working in the Northern regions of the country. The Conference held on January 22 was organized by the Prefect of Korce and attended by representatives of all 38 Municipalities / Communes of the Qark of Korca. The two conferences have also given an opportunity to explain in detail the goals, objectives and priority issues as well as  the financing modalities for the projects funded under the Italian Albanian Debt for Development Swap Programme.

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